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Ask The Collective // Episode 10 // Where is the Church Going? Part Two


  • The trouble with trying to aim for young people for the sake of just aiming for young people.
  • Should we use a fog machine in our service?
  • The franchising of the church vs the smaller boutique church.
  • How the fasted growing churches in the country are multisite.
  • The village mentality and what it means for the worship service.
  • How things in the church are constantly changing.
  • Some lessons learned from Mars Hill.  Here are some of the interviews we reference in the podcast.  Here’s our interview with Bob Kauflin.
  • Understanding who the people in our congregation and what it means for our worship leadership.
  • The value in chasing after a “hymn-like” sensibility in our songwriting.
  • The worship pastor vs. the worship leader.
  • The need to pour in to our people.
  • Discipling our congregation in worship.
  • Submitting to our leadership and supporting them in their vision.
  • The danger of going to a big worship concert and expecting to have the same experience at our church every week.
  • Recognizing that there is a wide spread of circumstances in the lives of our congregation.


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