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Episode 93 // Zach Bolen // Citizens and Saints // Gospel Song Union


In this episode Miles and Adam talk with Zach Bolen about:

  • How the bands from Mars Hill Music has come together now to make Gospel Song Union.
  • The heart behind coming together to provide music for the church.
  • The importance of fighting against the celebrity culture of the church.
  • The need to resource the smaller church worship leader and teams.
  • Why we need to be ok with doing music differently than the recording.  Here’s an ask tcc episode about that too!
  • What God has been doing through the ministry of the Mars Hill Music bands.
  • Citizens and Saints’ reach and what God has been doing through their music.
  • The evolution of songwriting as we grow in our relationship with God.
  • The sovereignty of God in the midst of difficulty in our lives.

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