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Episode 98 // Bob Kauflin // Worship Matters // Part One


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Show Notes for Our Interview With Worship Matters Author Bob Kauflin:

In this episode Miles and Adam talk with Bob Kauflin about:

  • His latest book and how he come to write the ones before.
  • The importance of a Biblical understanding of worship.
  • The story of Sovereign Grace Music.
  • Why the church needs theologically driven, accessible music.
  • Some perspective on the evolution of worship over the past 30 years.
  • The importance of looking toward mentors and leaders from generations past in church leadership.
  • Why we need to understand how worship is about having our whole congregation singing to God.
  • Why God needs to be the center of our worship planning.
  • The danger of focusing so much on the production of our services over what God is doing.
  • Why we have to make sure our ministries are focusing on what God is doing in our churches, not in others.
  • Thoughts on having a “worship experience” on the weekend.
  • The problem with chasing after a “wow moment” in our services.
  • How a lot of the most popular worship artists are now packing more theological depth in their lyrics.
  • Thoughts on how to connect modern worship styles with hymns.
  • Why the melodies of our songs need to be accessible for our church.
  • Having a right understanding of the difference between a song that’s meant for the radio or for the local church.
  • Understanding that the songs in our church likely won’t be the best songs for another church.




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