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For All Seasons // Bigger Than


Over the past two years, we’ve had the privilege to work closely with For All Seasons.  Last year, we partnered with them for their release of “Live Sessions: Vol. 1,” and we were able to release the music video from the track ‘Eternal King,’ as well as tutorial videos for all the tracks on the album.

This year, we have the honor of partnering with them again for their release of “Live Sessions: Vol. 2.”  Like it’s predecessor, each song on the album was recorded in a single take.

Today, we get to bring you the first video off this second live album.  So please enjoy “Bigger Than” off their latest record:

We are also able to bring you the charts for every original For All Seasons track that has been released thus far.  So if you dug that song (which you know you did) or any of the other ones from either “Live Sessions” album, click here for the charts.


While you’re at it, check out Miles’ review of “Live Sessions: Vol. 2.”

Buy/Listen/Post about their album. You can buy the album on iTunes here.
Book them for an event (email INFOCMG@WMEENTERTAINMENT.COM)
Follow them on social media (@faseasons) or YouTube (forallseasonstv)

For everything we’ve done with For All Seasons here on The Church Collective, click here.

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