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Episode 99 // Bob Kauflin // True Worshippers // Part Two


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Here’s part two of our talk with Bob Kauflin.  You can hear part one here.  In this episode you’ll find:

  • Why it is dangerous for our churches to try to just copy what we see coming from the most popular churches.
  • The importance of multiple generations worshiping together and learning how to to do so.
  • Thoughts on how to contextualize for the group we are leading worship for.
  • The difference between what is written for radio and what is needed at the local church.
  • Some thoughts on church services that aim for young people.
  • Great ways to open up a worship service.  How using scripture can really help in kicking off a service.
  • Some of Bob’s favorite modern worship.
  • Some of the authors that have been an influence on Bob.
  • Emotional feelings in response to worship.
  • Colossians 3:16 in relation to our worship experience.
  • Advice for leaders and volunteers.





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