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Episode 121 // Kari Jobe Returns

In this episode I had the chance to talk to Kari Jobe again!  You can hear her first interview here.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • How God has been working in and through Kari through marriage, having a kid, and life in general.
  • The process in which God called her from her church to join what God is doing at The Belonging Co.
  • Why we have to be grounded in a local church that we know God has called us to.
  • What the day to day for Kari looks like as an artist and a mom.
  • The dynamic of songwriting with your spouse.
  • The process for vetting theology in the songs they write.
  • How some songs can start as a melody and others start as a lyric.
  • The seasons of life and their effect on songwriting.
  • Challenges for worship leaders in the church today vs when she began.
  • Practical advice for how to make sure your team is strong enough in the details to be able to let the Spirit move in our services.
  • Ways we can pray for Kari and Cody while they’re on tour.
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