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Episode 32 // Kari Jobe // Brian Campbell // Free Songwriting Webinar





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You can also check out our worship review of Kari’s new album here.

In this episode I had the chance to chat with Kari Jobe about:

  • The process of bringing together so many worship leaders and musicians.
  • The story behind the song “Forever” on her new album.
  • Her definition of worship.
  • How she prepares spiritually before leading worship.
  • The value of having your team members lead devotionals
  • Her warm up routine, she mentions using exercises from vocalcoach.com
  • How she knows when it’s time to rest her voice.
  • A question she often gets is how to foster spontaneous worship.  She gives us a great way to work with our congregations in this area.
  • The value of spontaneous worship and leaving margin in the service for people to worship.
  • The influence Charlie Hall had on her in her growth as leading with margin.

Here are some great quotes from the interview:

I then had a great convo with my friend Brian Campbell who has recently launched a kickstarter to fund 3 EP’s this year.  He’s been on our podcast before, be sure to check it out here.  We talk about:

  • Counting the cost of doing ministry
  • The heart behind writing three EP’s this year.
  • The process behind one of the EP’s that will be in French.

Be sure to check out Brian’s Facebook page here.

We’re also partnering with one of our contributors, Rob Carona, of Songsmith Creative  to offer a free songwriting webinar this week.  Be sure to sign up and join us for a great conversation!



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