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Episode 117 // Audrey Assad Returns


In this episode I talked with Audrey Assad again!  You can check out the first interview here.  In this one we talk about:

  • How to balance the joy of Christmas but also recognize that there is room for hurt too.
  • Thoughts on what the spirit of Christmas is in the context of a local church and for a worship leader.
  • Some advice on how to use some advent liturgy in our services if we don’t normally use liturgy.
  • How the context of our lives impact how we lead worship.
  • Advice for longevity in worship ministry.
  • How to look out for sings of burnout and how to recover.
  • How we can pray for Audrey.
  • Why it is ok for us to be able to open to up to others and let them know we’re struggling with something.
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