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Episode 92 // Audrey Assad


In this episode I talk with Audrey Assad about:

  • Here latest project, Inheritance.
  • How she intentionally recorded this album of hymns without the addition of new choruses.
  • The roll of hymns in the formation of our theology.
  • How she worked with some charites for this project.
  • Some stories about the depth of the lyrics in some of the hymns she has on this album.
  • How modern worship can also be theologically deep as well as hymns.
  • How we can get up on the platform weekly and lead in light of the difficulty that our brothers and sisters in Christ are going through throughout the world.
  • Her healing from pornography addiction.
  • How it is so difficult for church leaders to admit to addictions.
  • Some encouragement for those that may have addictions that they are afraid to share with their church leadership.
  • What she does to keep her vocal chords healthy.
  • What she does to keep her spiritual life healthy.
  • Advice for aspiring songwriters.  The need for a daily habit.
  • How to avoid burnout.


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