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Episode 105 // Bryan and Katie Torwalt // Champion


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In this episode Chris and I talk with Bryan and Katie Towalt about:

  • Their new album champion.
  • The need to recognize God’s power in the midst of our situations.
  • How Bryan and Katie got connected with Jesus Culture.
  • Why most of the album will resonate with the local church.  Here’s our review.
  • The story behind the songs “Champion” and “God with Us.”
  • How they stay grounded in their faith while they are touring.
  • The recording process for their latest album.
  • How they work on getting a live worship feel through their studio work.
  • Advice for those that want to get involved in worship ministry.
  • What they have been reading and being inspired by lately.
  • What they hope to be doing in twenty years.
  • How we as a community can pray for them.


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