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Worship Review // Bryan and Katie Torwalt // Champion

There are some fantastic songs on this album to use in your church.  Here are some thoughts on songs that stood out to me.  You’ll definitely want to pour over the album for yourself to see what works in your church context.

World of Grace // I get a big coldplay vibe from this one.  Great guitars, fun progression, easily singable.  The chorus sings a catchy lyric that I know will get stuck in my church’s head for sure:  “I’m wide awake in this world of grace.”

High Above // Anthemic and really easy to catch lyrics.  I think this has potential to be a really big one in the church.

You Never Let Go // From an album perspective, this one has a great vibe and departs stylistically from the songs that come before it.  If you’re going to do this one at your church, make sure your vocalist can bring the same energy Katie has on the recording.

Come and Move // Really fantastic sweeping strings.  If you don’t have a string section, grab the multitracks for this one.  That said, it’s pretty accessible without all the high production so don’t be afraid to scale this one back.

Flame of Fire, Rushing Wind // This one’s a simple tag you could add to your set.  You could build it a lot or keep it pretty scaled back depending on the needs of your worship set.2

Mountain // It’s important to have portions of our worship sets that recognize the greatness of God.  The chorus simply sings out that God is wonderful.


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