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Episode 103 // Chad Gardner Returns Again // Kings Kaleidoscope Returns


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In this episode Miles, Adam, and Chris talk with Chad from Kings Kaleidoscope about:

  • What the band has been doing lately.
  • Their latest project Beyond Control.
  • What it’s like now that Chad is no longer a week to week worship pastor at Mars Hill.
  • The heights and depths of emotion found in this album.
  • The story behind the song “Enchanted” and how it conveys the theme of the entire record.
  • How God is with us in every step of our lives.  How that thought is reflected in the album.  Here’s some more of Chad talking about what’s been going on in his life over the years.
  • How our hope in Christ outbalances whether we feel like we are resonating with the lyrics.
  • The thought of this album being more of a gospel album than a worship album.
  • The process behind writing “A Prayer” and the decision to have an explicit version.
  • Why we need to be able to open and honest with God in our prayer time.
  • The composition of the band, how Chad is the driver of King Kaleidoscope’s music.
  • What their tour this year looks like.
  • The idea of blending genres as a worship leader.
  • The co-writing process with guys like Zach Bolen on the album.
  • The importance of music theory when wanting to include all the instruments of our church.


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