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Episode 49 // Kings Kaleidoscope


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In this episode Miles and I talked with Chad Gardner from King’s Kaleidoscope about their latest project and worship ministry in general.  Here are the highlights:

  • How they decided on which songs to leave off of their first full length album.
  • Chad’s desire to have an album with a lot of material on it.  Be sure to check out Mile’s review here.
  • The importance of musical education for the worship leader.  More can be heard from the last time we talked with him here.
  • How Chad began as a DJ and the effect that had on the way he writes music.
  • The blend of music with DJ elements being the influence on the band.
  • Their transition out of Mars Hill church.
  • How going to a liturgical church is feeding Chad’s soul now.  You can read one of our posts about liturgy here.
  • The current state of worship and the value of liturgy.
  • The detriment modern technology can have on finding times of silence.
  • The necessity of a attractional church to change to keep up with current trends.
  • The upcoming tours with Citizens and Saints.  Check out their schedule here.
  • The process of working toward getting back into playing music and touring.
  • How Miles really wants to book them to come to his home church.
  • How to keep healthy spiritually as you lead services.
  • The importance of being genuinely connected to God during worship leading.
  • Advice for leaders wanting to put together a team.
  • The value in understanding what you’re doing when you pick music and musicians.
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