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Why Won’t They Schedule Me on the Worship Team?

_Worship-Team-Building-Large-Why-Wont-They-Schedule-Me-On-The-Worship-TeamYou want to be on the worship team. You have such a heart for worship, but the leader only puts you on once a month. Your skill level is on fire yet you aren’t included on the next round of dates on Planning Center. Why won’t they schedule you on the worship team?
I have been thinking about this question for a while now. I thought about it from the side of the volunteer. I thought about it from the perspective of the leader making the schedule. I came up with three reasons. No matter what your personal, individual situation is, I guarantee on some level you fit into one of these categories.

The Team is Legit Full

Seriously, have you thought that maybe your team is stacked with musicians and vocalists right now? It’s rare, but it happens. This is more common for those of you who fill the position of vocalists and acoustic than drummers. Take a quick minute and think about it. It’s probably not personal, you’re leader is just trying to let as many people serve with their gifts as possible. It can easily get frustrating to only play here and there, but trust me, if you stick through it, the tide will come when your time on the schedule is needed more often.


Are you reliable? For real. Are you? There are many who are absolutely amazing at their instrument, yet their lack of reliability disqualifies them from being put on the schedule. Think about your past performance. Were you late to practice? Called out on a Sunday morning? Were a no-call-no-show to practice because you totally forgot about it? These things happen. These people are real. Are you one of them? If not, thank you! If so, talk to your leader about it. If you ignore it, they will not schedule you the way you would like, and I don’t blame them. It makes for a much less stressful ministry to have so-so musicians that are consistent than musical prodigies who don’t show up. Remember apologies are great, reconciliation is better, and a changed behavior is amazing.

You’re Just Not Ready

This is the hardest one to come to grips with. You’re just not ready. Whether it was realized through an audition process, through your first couple times at rehearsal, or months after you’ve been playing with the band, you may not be ready. Personally, I think you shouldn’t be left wondering, I think your leader show tell you this, BUT, let’s talk about it as if they haven’t. Being “not ready” can be both musically and spiritually. Does your skill set need work? Do you need to freshen up with lessons? Need to practice playing with a click? Maybe you were a strong vocalist in the choir but you haven’t been able to transition to Sunday worship. Perhaps your leader has seen some stuff going on in your life that needs time and attention. Are you still seeking God? Has the ministry become more about what you get from it than what you give to it? Did you just start attending the church? Maybe they want to see if you’ll be around in 3 months. We never like to hear it, but this could be a reason why you’re not being scheduled. I pray that your leaders are strong enough to protect you by telling you the truth.
That brings us to my last question, have you asked? Have you asked the person making the schedule why you aren’t on? I know there’s someone out there reading this who will go ask and find out it was because their leader didn’t realize they wanted to be on more often. We need to communicate with each other openly and in turn accept the honest answers we are given.
I challenge you to speak honestly instead of walking with frustration, both leaders and volunteers. I pray for the many conversations you will all have and that the church will be strengthened through them.

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3 Responses to “Why Won’t They Schedule Me on the Worship Team?”

  1. I realize that the person who wants to be on a worship team could ask why they haven’t been placed on the schedule, but…. Is that really their job? It is very difficult for me to understand why the worship team leader or worship pastor doesn’t take responsibility for communicating honestly with someone. I’m one of a team of worship leaders in my church, and I’ve always told folks in a loving way why they’re not being asked.

    • One thing that sometimes slips through, which can really be a complete accident/mistake, is that your name was somehow skipped during the rostering process? For some reason my wife’s name just not find its way onto the list after her audition, even though she had received an email saying she was accepted. After asking the worship leader about it, they realised they had somehow missed her name when typing up the list, and that just went on for a couple months without them picking it up. Honest mistake.

  2. Maybe the worship team is a clique and you’re an outsider.

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