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CRAFT // Part Four: The David – Moses Theory


David was a dancer. Moses was a straight-shooter. David was an artistic musician. Moses was a hard headed straight-to-the-point leader. David saw beauty in everything. Moses saw to-do-lists that needed to be done.

See what I’m getting at?

There are some days where I wonder what it would have been like if Moses and David had to work together. Two men, guided by God, doing what they are called to, the way they were called to do it. However, I have this feeling that they would have killed each other simply because of how different their personalities are. I’m sure there are many times in life when your leader is a stoic task-driven director who simply cares about how fast it gets done, and that it is done well. He doesn’t care that you are a creative. As a matter of fact, he probably doesn’t even know what a “creative” is. All he cares about is the work that needs to be done. And that is perfectly fine. Because it’s your job to do it with your personality in tact. We all will have these people who are put in charge of us that refuse to inject wisdom and intelligence into us because they see you differently. Here are a few tips for working with people like Moses.

Walk Humbly. Give the benefit of the doubt. Do as you are told, and leak out your creativity in the areas you are given to lead. God will honor you for showing respect to your leader, even if you don’t agree with how he views your personality.

Get the job done. And get it done the way your leader wants it done. Don’t sit there and muddle over your project dreaming of what YOU wanted it to be – get it done the way that your leader see’s fit.

Leak your creativity out somewhere else. When you are restricted in the ways you are asked to work, find other venues where you can achieve the dreaming and creativity you are wanting for yourself.

At the end of the day, always do as you are told by your leader. There is a reason he is the leader. But never tuck away who you are in Christ because someone cannot understand you. Walk humbly. Do the job well. And always be who you are.

In Part Five of this series, we’ll talk about what CRAFT is, and how you should include it into your creative lifestyle.

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