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CRAFT // Part Five: The CRAFT


Over these past few weeks, we’ve discussed various ways you can mend and grow your creative craft. Today, we’re going to dissect what CRAFT is, and how you can apply it to your life and the lives of your teammates.

Create. It’s the simple basis of any creative’s life. It’s what you were born to do. You were born to create things. To create means to produce something no one has ever seen, at least from your point of view. To CRAFT, you must first create. Your team MUST create. Lead your team in ways to create new and exciting venues to leak out the gospel in ways your church culture has never seen before.

Refine. Take your creation and dissect it. Tear it to pieces and put it back together. Coal can’t become a diamond until it’s broken down and beaten. If you want your creations to go to the next level, you have to break it down until it’s the creation you meant it to be.

Achieve. Don’t EVER hold back. Take your team to new venues of achievement. Show them there’s a reason why you are trying to create this new project, new song, or taking on a new venture. Don’t do it alone – take your team with you, and together you can achieve something amazing.

Forward Movement. Don’t ever go backwards. Always head in the direction you’ve told your team to go. Know where the finish line is for your team. Set your timelines, and guide them where they need to go.

Transform. When you create, refine, achieve your goals, and never go backwards, your creativity in your teams and in your church culture will go to a whole new level. You might be asking yourself “when we get here, what do we do?” You do the process all over again. And you keep on doing this until it’s time to change your process, like we talked about in Part 3.

I hope this CRAFT series has been a beneficial blessing to your musicianship and creativity in your church’s team. Blessings to you, creative who seeks to create for our Creator.

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