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Worship Review // Weston Skaggs // Joy and Sorrow and Meet

Weston Skaggs Joy and Sorrow MeetThe guys over at sprig music are putting together some great music for the church.  There’s a uniqueness to Weston Skaggs’ new album that may be just right for your church.  Here’s a breakdown of some of the songs that stood out to us:

Glory to Your Name // The musicality of this track is fantastic.  Tight harmonies, great guitar.  The chorus is easy to catch on to congregationally as well.

Blush // Great message that speaks to our need to look beyond ourselves.  This one would do really well to tie in to a message or a time of prayer for the community.

Hammer & Nails // Really great use of instrumentation to convey the sound of nails.  This one is a pure song about the crucifixion.  There’s a great vibe to it that I think all ages would really dig.

Greater than You Know // It’s important for us to remind ourselves and the congregation of how powerful God’s love is for us.  I really dig the perspective of this one shifting it to declaration to each other and the listener.

Down in My Soul // Such a fun vibe with this one.  Make sure your team can hang with this style, I promise everyone in your church will be clapping along.

These were a handful of the highlights for me.  You really should take the time to listen through the whole album.  There’s plenty of music on this one that can be used in a variety of settings.  Let us know what you think in the comments!


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