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Worship Review // Hillsong United // Of Dirt And Grace


Chances are you’re probably doing a lot of the songs from Hillsong United’s Empires in your church already.  If you are, this record will give you some fresh ideas and arrangements.  If you’re not, maybe this will help you contextualize the songs for your church!  Here are my thoughts on some of the album:

Here Now // If the Empires recording of this one was too much for your team to pull off, look toward this arrangement.  The content of the lyrics and musicality are all really accessible for this version.

Say The Word // Two acoustic guitars, tight harmonies, cool string section.  You could get away with this one without the strings if you don’t have them.

Heart Like Heaven // I’m partial to this song so any arrangement is great.  Much like most of the other songs on this record, you’ll find this version to be much more accessible for your team and church if you’re not wanting to rely on multitracks and stems.

Touch The Sky // Another great version to use at your church.  I feel like I’m just saying this a lot.  One important note for this song and many of the others, they’re going to give your acoustic players a workout if they’re not used to doing much fingerpicking.

Even When It Hurts (Praise Song) // Give your keys players some tasty stuff to work on!  Taya is fantastic, make sure whoever you have lead this song can handle the fact that they are the ones carrying this one.

Oceans (Where Feet May Fail) // This is very much like their unplugged version.  Give it a go if you haven’t yet.  Hey, we’ve even got a tutorial that can help you with that.

I’m really digging the entire album, these are some pretty fresh arrangements of songs that you are probably already doing.  I’m especially fond of the fact that this also gives great ways to bring some of the synth-heavy songs from the past album to a more acoustic team.  Be sure to listen through United’s whole project to see what might work in your church.

You should also go check out the videos coming out with the album too, here’s one:

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  1. What did you think about Scandal of Grace? I feel like the way they changed it up musically didn’t really flow as well but the added instrumentals and coda were incredible though.

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