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Worship Review // Elevation Worship // Here As In Heaven

Elevation Here As In Heaven

In October of 2015 I was able to spend some time down in Charlotte, NC for Inside Elevation and I’ve been waiting for this album ever since. Being able to experience first hand these songs in a congregational worship setting left me longing to introduce some of these to my home church.

The intention of each song is that it could be used in the local church setting. Each track has quick to grasp melodies, a bridge that makes you want to lift your voice, and the ability to be broken down into a great intimate acoustic version. I can personally attest to the ease of grabbing on to these songs, there is barely a learning curve for your congregation. The group I was with at Elevation consisted of one other worship leader, a tone deaf youth pastor (he knows it), and other ministry leaders, all of which were able to join right in as if we had already worshipped through these songs.

Here are some of the favorites:

Here as in Heaven // The title track of this album, starts off with a ton of pad and loop track creating a tone of expectance. Expectance is probably the theme of this whole track, lyrically, vocally, instrumentally. The vocal opportunities in this song are amazing. Have a ton of singers? You can absolutely utilize them in this one, tons of harmony and fullness make the verses swell. Has an awesome break down section around 6 minutes in, which during a Night of Worship could work. Great choice to open or kick off a time of worship with your church.

Grace Like a Wave // Has that Hillsong United/Young & Free feel to it. Synth, dance beat, lots of production to it. Depending on your church, or perhaps the event you’re leading worship for, this could be a fun one. If not, just enjoy having it on your personal playlist, I know I will.

Call Upon the Lord // Catchy. I think most churches could add this song to their catalogue. Bright and bouncy with some loops, this one is fun. Reminds me of a mix between Darlene Zschech’s last album and Gateway Worship.

O Come to the Altar // Acoustic driven even with the band surrounding it. You could do this full band, acoustic ensemble, campfire feel, it’s really up to you and your church. I guarantee this will become a church favorite.

Resurrecting // Easter anyone? “The resurrecting King is resurrecting me.” Yeah, just do it.

Yahweh // Piano, a drum march, and a huge build up. It’s one of those repetitive anthem songs but I’m ok with it because it absolutely works in a worship setting. I’m interested to see how other churches will duplicate this song, Lends itself to interpretation and creativity on our parts as worship leaders.

As always Elevation Worship has made a ton of free resources (think chord charts, tutorials, loops) available on elevationworship.com. Another great aspect about how Elevation writes music is that they do so in a way that for the high majority of these tracks, they can be lead by both males & females without having to change keys, which is always a plus. Hope you enjoy what I think is their best album yet. Which songs will you be introducing to your church?

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