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Worship Review // Bethel // Tides


Bethel’s latest album introduces some fantastic music for the local church.  Remember that our worship reviews are geared toward the worship leader trying to find new music to introduce to their congregation.  I break down each song with some recommendations for how to go about implementing each in your service.

Chasing You // The opening track features heavy synth and leading from Jenn Johnson.  Despite the heavy use of effects and secondary vocal layers, this song is quite accessible for a modest worship team.  It would serve well as an opener for a worship set or perhaps a closing song to end with some energy.

Breaking Through // Jeremy Riddle leads out on the second track.  To my ear it feels like this could be a Killers song, which isn’t a problem at all!  There are some great riffs to be played and the whole band will have a lot of fun with this one.  The lyrics are powerful and the melody is really easy to catch on to.  Much like the opening track, the synth is great but can easily be set aside if your team doesn’t have it available.

Forever // With sweeping strings, Brian Johnson leads out on this powerful song.  The lyrics tell the story of Jesus with great theological care.  It’s awesome to have such deep lyrics in a musically accessible song.  I can’t recommend this song enough to really help your congregation proclaim the power of Jesus’ resurrection.  The bridge is a simple proclamation of hallelujah to the risen king.

Letting Go // Picking up the heavy synth and production again, “Letting Go” offers a simple chorus in which your congregation can sing surrender to God.  Steffany Frizzell Gretzinger has such a unique voice that really shines.  If you do this one, make sure to get a hold of the backing tracks as they really drive the entire song.  You could opt to rearrange the song for a simple acoustic guitar if your team is up for it.

Come Awaken Love // Hunter Thompson leads this track with his unique style.  There’s a lot of fun to be had for your band as they learn all the parts.  I’d recommend you use tracks on this and make sure your leader can sing in a similar style.  The song is a bit high in the recorded key so make sure you think through your congregation’s vocal range if you’re hoping for participation.  Remember that you can easily lower it if needed.

Strong in Us // Brian Johnson leads this medium tempo song which proclaims the power of Christ living within each believer.  When we recognized the power of Christ within us, we live our lives in a much different way.  This is the song you want to use to help your congregation really understand that great truth.

I Can Feel You // Jenn Johnson leads this song.  She sings about the very real presence of Jesus in our lives.  There is so much comfort to know that the Creator of the universe is with us.  Don’t neglect to help your congregation recognize that we gather to sing to a very real and active God.

Give Me Jesus // Matt Stinton sings a gorgeous melody to open this song.  It’ll definitely challenge any singer who hasn’t taken the time to work on their head voice.  I’d recommend using this song as practice if you haven’t worked on your upper register.  While the recording is highly produced, you could go for an arrangement similar to this one  and really build the dynamics.

Be Still //  A simple love song to God sung by Steffany.  The bridge is powerful and really easy to catch on to.

Heavens Song // With sweeping strings, Jeremy Riddle sings this fantastic song.  It has the same vibe as “Walk in the Promise” which is fantastic.  The chord progression has a minor feel up until it opens up to a powerful bridge.  Seriously, you should do this one simply because it’s one of the few worship songs today that utilizes    a non-standard chord progression.  I’m planning to introduce this one soon!

Ascend // William Matthews leads this high energy song.  This would make a wonderful opening to a service with an easily accessible chant to open.  Make sure you’re team is ready to bring all the energy needed to pull this one off.

Tides // For the Cross  //  Tides is a simple instrumental that leads in to “For the Cross.”  Brian begins this closing track for the album.  The chorus sings “Hallelujah what a savior, hallelujah what a friend, hallelujah king forever, we thank You for the cross.”  Jenn picks up the bridge which builds powerfully and then she sings out another version of the chorus.  Go for this song if you’ve got a room full of passionate people, they’re really catch on to it!

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