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Worship Mob // Carry The Fire

worshipmobArtist: WorshipMob
Album: Carry The Fire
Label: Integrity Music
Release: March 3, 2015

Carry The Fire is the Colorado worship collective’s first release with Integrity Music. This was the first exposure I personally had to WorshipMob despite their self produced Youtube videos which have over 9 million views (What rock have I been living under?). As an overview this is an album that shows a sincere gratitude for the gospel, the grace that God has given, and a cry for being used to show forth His glory in this world. I’ll break down a few of my favorite tracks off the album. You can pick the album up physically and digitally March 3rd and listen to it for yourself. But if you just can’t wait until then, fret not you can check out The Official Album.


Satisfy //

As the title would suggest it deals with the all satisfying nature of God. As the first song on the album it is a very fitting way to begin a worship project. As worshipers we need to see the necessity to be satisfied in Christ first and foremost, in Him alone we find rest. And when we find that rest, and that satisfaction our response is worship and praise! This song sets the tone for the rest of the album.

Our Father Has Won //

This song is a celebration of the redemptive victory that is found in Christ. The chorus proclaims “Once broken, and guilty now drowning in mercy. The curse is undone, our Father has won.” Amen.

Arrested By Grace //

The very first very first verse begins with the broken condition of man. Broken and stuck in sin and trial. But in comes the grace of God, and He saves us from ourselves and our condition. “Adopted by perfection, You rejected my rejection, made whole by resurrection, I’m Yours, I’m Yours!”

Here With You //

This is a very short track giving thanks for the life giving, debt forgiving sacrifice of Jesus, which provided us a way to live in relationship with God. This is a very light acoustic and vocal song, allowing the words to shine.

More & More of You //

One of the things I like about this album is the recognition of that God is a triune God. This song sings of the work of the Holy Spirit. Though since this is a review I have to say the rhyme of “fire” and “desire” did make me cringe a little bit. However, the heart and prayer of the song trumps my lyrical preference. We do need the Holy Spirit to light a fire in us to reach a broken and needy world.

Oceans + Nothing But The Blood //

This is a good cover of the popular song from Hillsong. The addition of the chorus of Nothing But The Blood at the end was a nice touch.

Love Break Down These Walls //

The album began with the need to be satisfied. And it concludes with a prayerful cry for love to break down our walls, so that the church would go past the walls of the building and out in the world. That captures the Gospel so well, God calls us in, and sends us out.

These are just few of the tracks on Worship Mob // Carry the Fire.  These songs are written by worship leaders, and most would work in some kind of congregational context. You’ll have to decide for yourself which songs could work or couldn’t work in the your church. But if nothing else, add this album to your playlist to be encouraged in the Gospel, and be reminded of the work that is still to be done.

Review by Ricky Ragone

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