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For All Seasons // Live Sessions, Vol. 1

Ever since I met For All Seasons at Hume Lake in 2014, I have been a huge fan of the songs they write. Partly because of the musical creativity and lyrical content, but also because they are writing these songs out of a heart for the local church. For All Seasons is a band that is more concerned about the glory of God and the success of the weekend worship leader than they are their own band. Out of that comes amazing songs that are not only pleasing to listen to, but simple enough to reproduce in a service, and teach great truth to the congregation that is singing along. For All Seasons has just released their third album (for a review of their second album click here) titled Live Sessions, Vol. 1. This is a fantastic EP with a few fresh covers of well loved songs as well as originals including the new single, “Eternal King.”  Stay tuned for a Church Collective exclusive video premier of the “Eternal King” video, coming this Friday (6/19/15)!

Let’s break down the album and look at For All Seasons // Live Sessions, Vol. 1.

Eternal King // The single from this album, this song sings of Jesus our King who reigns forever. The chorus sings out powerfully: “Savior, who was and is forever / the almighty God, Your glory reaches farther than the highest star / eternal King we shout how wonderful You are.” Wherever the band has played this live, they have received great feedback from worship teams who tell them they can’t wait to learn and teach the song to their congregation. Look for this as your next “new song” to show your people and enjoy worshiping Jesus as our eternal King.

Great God // This was a standout song from their full length album released just last year. Due to its simple nature it quickly became a staple in our youth ministry and could be done by our all student band. Lyrically the song is a great proclamation of God’s greatness, what He has done for us, and how that prompts us to worship Him. Musically this song is a lot of fun for guitar players and drummers. There is very fun hook in the intro/outro that your lead players will enjoy. Also your drummer won’t be bored with Johnny’s beats.

Holy Spirit // Originally written by Brian and Katie Torwalt of Bethel Music, FAS gives this song a fresh infusion of their own musical style. If this is a familiar song to your congregation you might want to throw this version in the rotation to change up the flavor of the song once in a while. This could be a good song for a worship night as the end naturally lends itself to having just the congregation singing the chorus by themselves with no music.

The Rebel // One of my personal favorites from the previous album, this is an amazing song that sings of God’s unfailing love for us, the rebels. Even though we rejected Christ and our sin put him on the cross, he still loved us enough to die for our sins. The gospel. That message can never be overdone in your worship service. How often do we forget to remind our people of the foundational message of the gospel through music? Give your people a chance to sing a new song with great musical dynamics and powerful lyrics that sing of our Savior’s love for us.

This I Believe (The Creed) // Hillsong did the Church a massive favor when they wrote this song. This song quickly became a staple in our church when we played it the week after the album “No Other Name” was released. Lyrically, the song will remind your congregation what they believe. It will get them singing the foundations of their Christian faith, affirming what we as a global Church, regardless of denomination, all believe. Once again, FAS has given this song a musical twist as Jeff Luckey offers well placed guitar riffs throughout the song, and drummer Johnny Hamilton holds the song together with his driving drums and creative fills.  The bridge gets very full and rockin’. Try this version at your church and get your people singing and proclaiming this truth to God and each other.

This Is Amazing Grace // Another contemporary classic written by Phil Wickham, Jeremy Riddle, and Josh Farro. There are a few different versions of this song out there and it is always great to hear a new take on a well loved song. The song starts out quiet with a droning guitar riff in the background. It then picks up after the first chorus as the band fully comes in. Its a big departure from Phil Wickham’s synth heavy studio version and offers a soaring vocal melody, courtesy of lead singer Emily Hamilton, that embellishes Wickham’s original.

For All Seasons is a great band to use as a resource if you have a female led worship team, want some fresh arrangements, or are looking for some great new music written with a heart for the Church. Do yourself a favor and make sure to pick up your copy of For All Seasons Live Sessions, Vol. 1 today!


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