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Bethel Music // We Will Not Be Shaken

behtelBethel’s new album “We Will Not Be Shaken” is another pivotal step for the ministry of Bethel and their musicians.Tasteful synth, calming strings, deep lyrical content, catchy melodies and power anthems are the banners of this new record. You can easily tell that the Bethel community of musicians put this album together in a way that completely surrounds what their musical tone is about.

Let’s check out some of highlights of this album:

We Will Not Be Shaken – I’d throw this under what I would called a typical Brian Johnson worship song – and I say that with no disrespect. Brian can write worship anthems that are easily sang, easily played, and any congregation can catch on within minutes. Expect to hear this at your church soon.

Ever Be – I was hooked once I heard the chorus. Much like We Will Not Be Shaken, this song has the ability to spread around churches worldwide. Very tasteful, and incredibly powerful. Personally, this one will be in our set list very soon.

In Over My Head – This song had a twist I was not expecting. Jen Johnson headlines this anthem, and completely destroys the personal attributes of flesh within our lives with the lyrical content. Sing-ability for your church with this one is low, but this song definitely has some incredible power to it.

No Longer Slaves – Within seconds of hearing the beginning of this song, I was hooked. 100%, completely hooked. I was on the edge of my couch, watching Jonathan and Melissa Helser drown themselves in the melodic tone of this anthem. They have this completely flawless hand off of the melody in the bridge, and they end on a powerful reprise. I’ve had this one on repeat for the last few days, and I expect to have it on repeat for a few more days to follow.
In my opinion, this is Bethel’s best album to date. Pick up the DVD copy and watch the hour long film of the album, recorded live in the mountains of Northern California. All in all, I give this album a solid 8.5 out of 10. Pick up your copy and enjoy!

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2 Responses to “Bethel Music // We Will Not Be Shaken”

  1. I definitely agree! I am hooked on In Over My Head and Ever Be!

  2. Is there any way we can get presets for this album? I’ve tried to make them, but they aren’t quite right.

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