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10 Ways To Make Your Worship Leader Happy

_worship-101-large-10-ways-to-make-your-wl-happyMy last few articles have been a bit on the heavy side, and more reflective. This article may come off a little cheeky, but these are real applicable ways to help strengthen your church’s worship team!

I’m going to take a moment to just point out 10 ways to support your Worship Leader. Since it is the new year, and we are all about resolutions, let’s take these 10 easy steps to help grow and strengthen the teams we are part of.

#10 – Share What God Is Doing

There are many things you can do to show support to your Worship Leader, your Worship Team, and your church. One of the biggest things is sharing. Share how God is blessing your team, and working through it to foster an atmosphere of worship in your church. Share how much you enjoy being a part of the team. You can share verbally with others, or you can share publicly through the use of social media. Just by doing this, others in your church will want to know how they can be a part of your team.

#9 – Make Worship a Part of Your Daily Walk

One way to show commitment, and to experience growth, is to have worship constantly on your heart. Make worship a part of your daily routine. Listen to the artists that you are currently sharing with your church body. You can listen on your drive to work or school, at home, on your morning run. The benefits you’ll experience from this will be great; your family, friends, and worship leader will notice the difference.

#8 – Show Up To Rehearsal Knowing Your Part

I’ve heard it said like this, “Rehearsal isn’t about learning your part, it’s about learning everyone else’s.” Most Worship Leaders spend a lot of time preparing for the weekly worship experience. Invest a little time in listening and practicing at home, and I guarantee this will go a LONG WAY.

#7 – Respond to Planning Center Requests

This may seem silly, but it couldn’t be more true. Many Worship Leaders spend way too much time tracking team members down just to find out if they will be there for services. Planning Center makes it really easy by being able to respond through email, text message, and Facebook. If you confirm, remember to pay close attention to rehearsal times. Even if it’s a “Decline”, a response is all we really wanted for Christmas! 😃

#6 – Help Promote Church Events

What’s important to your church should be important to your worship team. Share upcoming events, even if they are not a “Night of Worship”. Make it known that you love your church, and you want others to experience that same love. Again, social media is a great way to do this.

#5 – Know Your Worship Leader

Ever wonder what’s driving them, or where they are in their walk? Ask them what they’re reading, what they’re listening to, and what their interests are. Maybe you’ll find some commonality, and this could foster a deeper friendship between you and them. But don’t just ask for the sake of asking; go a little beyond that. Maybe pick up the music they’re listening to, or the book they’re reading. This will give you great insight on where they are coming from as they lead your team and your church.

#4 – Be Flexible

Worship Leaders love commitment, but they also cherish flexibility. Church bodies are just that – a body. Constantly things are moving, changing, growing, and developing. Worship Leaders have to be flexible for their family, congregations, and Pastors. Try not to be too frustrated if a song gets cut from the set, a key change needs to happen, or a request to play an event pops up suddenly. Yes, this can be due to an oversight on the Worship Leader’s part, but help minister to them by showing grace and understanding of their busy schedules.

#3 – Walk the Walk

The reality is, we are all worship leaders. Who we are on the platform is who we should be in public. Nothing helps support a leader like being who God has called you to be, even when you think no one else is looking.

#2 – Minister to Your Worship Leader’s Family

Behind every great Worship Leader is an even greater spouse and/or family. Seek out conversation with your Worship Leader’s family. Ask how you can minister to them, pray for them, or even assist them with current issues. Showing support to your Worship Leader’s family is just as important as showing support to your Worship Leader.

#1 – Pray

Definitely the most important form of support, this has rightfully taken the number one spot on the list. There’s nothing we could do that is more powerful than prayer. Pray for your Worship Leader, your Worship Team, your Pastors, and your church. Pray for protection, provision, and blessing. “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy.…” Make no mistake about it, the devil wants to destroy your Worship Leader and everything God is doing through them. Prayer should always be our first defense against this, even when things are good. Make it a priority to pray, daily.


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