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Worship Gear // For All Seasons

Jeff and Randy of For All Seasons were kind enough to take some pics of the gear they’ve been using at Hume Lake all summer. They’re on 10 straight weeks of 2 worship sets a day. So their gear is getting some heavy use. Let’s check out what’s been getting them through and helping them lead 1,000 students a week into worship.
(If you missed it, check out the review of their brand new studio album here.)

Jeff Luckey


Guitars: DR Guitar (Tele type)
Swamp ash body, hard rock maple neck, rosewood fretboard, Fender noiseless stacked humbuckers

About 2 yrs ago we played an event at a Christian school in Visalia. The sound guy for the 3 day event asked me to try out this guitar he has put together. I gave it a shot and was blown away by how warm the tone was. Felt incredible in my hands. I told him I loved it and he said, “Good! Cuz God told me to give it to ya!” This guitar has a special place in my heart, because it reminds me of God’s provision in my life. I love that it punched through like a Tele, but is a bit warmer and beefier when I play heavy chords. I used this guitar on the song “Open Eyes” from our new self titled record, with nothing but a little reverb on it. If you wanna hear what this guitar sounds like naked, give that song a listen.

Jeff- DR Guitar

’85-86 MIJ Fender Telecaster Thinline
Mahogany body, maple neck and fretboard

About 5 years ago I was considering buying a Tele deluxe off a friend of mine. While I was still debating, he saw this guitar on craigslist and traded it for his deluxe, knowing that I would like the Japanese thin line much better. Once I played it, I had to have it. It’s got the classic single coil fender tone. Love playing this one for clean finger picking songs. It’s set-up for Eb standard.


Pedalboard chain: The BAT by Bomes Electric->Fulltone Fulldrive2 MOSFET->EB Volume Jr.->Line6 m13 (JHV3 audio & switches mod)->Boss RV3

Jeff- Pedal Board

1. Overdrive: The BAT by Bomes Electric- A friend of mine makes these in Portland (bomeselectric.com). When I bought his Bomes Fragilistic amp, he through this in to sweeten the deal. It does a great job of keeping the beef and power of the guitar signal. It has an adjustable bass control, which helps with that. Doesn’t thin out my tone at all. I keep it on all the time and just really dig in when I need to.

2. Boost: Fulltone Fulldrive2 MOSFET- this was my overdrive before the BAT, but I got tired of how thin it made my signal. But, I always loved the power it emits on the boost setting. So now, I keep the boost switch on all the time, and just engage the pedal with the drive switch.

3. Ernie Ball Volume Pedal- swells for days 🙂

4. Reverbs, delays, mods: Line6 m13 (JHV3 audio&switches mod)- this thing is incredible. I heard that Teppei Teranishi used this guy alone to record one of their albums and toured with it because of how simple it was. Being that Teppei is one of my favs, I had to get one. I love that I can stack delays, reverbs and octo verb for ambience. Loop capability is nice for practice and for live stuff. I love adding chorus or tremolo for more distinct features on specific parts. Don’t really use the drives or mods, but they’re crazy. I bought it off craigslist and then got all the switches replaced (more life, click less), as well as an internal mod to improve the sounds. Sounds way more crisp and less compressed, thanks to JVH3.

5. Reverb: Boss RV3- neither of my amps have reverb, so I keep this guy on all the time. Just a little.

Bomes Fragilistic

I’ve used this in the studio for about 3 years ago. It functions a lot like an AC15- AC30, but has a ‘Cut’ function which allows me to keep my tone within a similar range. I don’t know how to describe her other than : she gets me.


Morgan Dual 20C

I bought this guy off craigslist a few months go. Tried a Morgan in Bakersfield while playing at another church and loved the headroom. The clarity gave my reverbs and delays a whole new sound. I was blown away. Also, there are two channels with a optional pre-amp tube switch. The EF86 gives it some character and grit. Stoked to channel switch and toggle between a clean tone and gain tone. Customer service with Morgan is pretty awesome too.

Randy Charlson


Guitars: Epiphone Les Paul Jr.

I bought this piece of junk at a pawn shop for 25 bucks. Put some love and money into it, and now it’s my favorite guitar.
It’s got a Seymour Duncan phat cat p90 in it. It’s so clear and responsive to dynamic playing. I love it.



’89-’90 Epiphone Sheraton

Such a great guitar. I haven’t done a thing to it besides getting it set up. It’s the easiest guitar I’ve ever played. Period.

Randy- Sheraton

Pedalboard chain: Walrus Audio Transit->Nash Pedals Gran Torino->Nash Pedals The Outlaw->JHS Double Barrel->EB Volume Jr.(Tuner Out to Boss TU-2)->Strymon Timeline->Strymon BigSky

Randy- Pedal Board


Boss TU-2 (most important pedal)
Nash pedals “Gran Torino” is my favorite drive right now. It’s modeled after a supro style amp. Such a fun pedal. It has this low end that is actually usable in the mix. Crystal clear top end, and incredible break up with the gain. Go buy this pedal!
Nash pedals ” the Outlaw” by far the best Klon clone I’ve ever played. My favorite thing is the gain knob.
It’s such a usable pedal in any setting. Very compatible with single coil or humbuckers.
JHS double Barrel
Walrus audio transit (4 channel click less looper)
JHS modded Ernie Ball Jr volume pedal
Strymon Timeline delay
Strymon BigSky reverb

Lava tightrope
Mogami instrument cables

Dunlop max grip 88mm or 1.0 mm

Amp: Dr. Z Maz 38nr

I fell in love with a maz 18 in the studio this year. I found this amp on craigslist for cheap. I bought it and put some love into it, and it has blown me away. It’s powerful and loud without losing clarity or getting overly dirty. My favorite feature is the EQ section. The mid control has been my best friend. I find that most amps don’t have a good mid control or don’t have one at all, and this one is awesome.

Randy- Dr.Z

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