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Online Worship Guitar Workshop Replay

In case you missed our first online guitar workshop!  Here it is for a limited time!  Jon and Chris did some great training for worship guitarists.  Including voicings, tone, swells, and more.

Jon and Chris did a fantastic job.  Be sure to check out their posts and training on the site.

Get the handout mentioned in the video here.

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7 Responses to “Online Worship Guitar Workshop Replay”

  1. Towards the end of the video, Jon & Chris talked about amp tone. Would it be possible to expand on it. I understand tone preference is subjective but would are there any fundamentals ie EQ etc?

  2. Where is that “handout” they kept mentioning?


  3. Very helpful guys! Thanks for that. Just starting to get into electric. Played my first full worship set on electric this past sunday and then watched this video. Great advice on getting better at your instrument before spending tonnes of money on gear!

    Thank you for blessing us with your knowledge.

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