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Hillsong United // Oceans // Electric Guitar Lead Tutorial

Justin is currently working on an updated video!  Stay tuned and feel free to connect with us!

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16 Responses to “Hillsong United // Oceans // Electric Guitar Lead Tutorial”

  1. Hey Justin –

    I just came across this site, and it looks great! I’m interested in the mods you’ve done to your Blues Jr. I just bought one myself, and am wondering what others have done to theirs. Thanks!

    • Jeff,

      Thanks for visiting the site! Glad you like it. I only have a couple mods done. I replaced the input jack with a metal one, I added a presence knob, and also got the basic kit from billaudio.com. It replaces key capacitors and components on the inside with higher quality ones so it has less of a “boxy” tone. It turns an already great amp into a REALLY great sounding one.

  2. Love it! I definitely play almost the entire song differently (yet sound very alike) but it sounds good either way! I think it may be key to remind people there are different ways for each person to play it!

    • Ha, and what’s even crazier is that even though I got those parts literally note for note from the actual master stems, and while I think my parts work for the recording, live is a whole different story. I’m not sure if my (their) parts translate to the stage very well. I’ll look at other people’s tutorials for this song where they picked out the guitar lines without being able to isolate them like I did, and I like what they came up with so much better! Ha.

      • I love how the tutorials consider the worship stage.

      • Haha well that’s what I thought. I’m sitting here thinking “I’m sure I got these note for note, yet Justin is doing something completely different”. I wish I had good recording equipment at the moment to send you how I do it. Haha.

  3. Reverend! I love my flatroc. I almost bought a six gun.

  4. Is there any way you could maybe sort of tab or show the fingering for the big guitar part in the bridge?

  5. excuxse do you mind put the riff sheet bellow the video ,cause i can really tell what fert are you using

  6. This video is no longer available 🙁

    • Justin is working up a better tutorial for the song Jermome! Sorry for not having it available right now! Hop in the facebook community page and I’m sure some of the guys can help you out there if you need it!

  7. Por que tiraram o vídeo Oceans lead guitar do ar ?

  8. I’m in need of video

    the video that is on the site has error

  9. Hey Justin! I was wondering if you could make the video again or maybe post up your video. I really liked your rendition in the bridge of the build up back into the full bridge. That would help a lot thanks!!

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