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Hillsong Live – You Never Fail – Electric Guitar Tutorial

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2 Responses to “Hillsong Live – You Never Fail – Electric Guitar Tutorial”

  1. In the bridge part, it’s actually a little simpler, I think you’re playing a few notes that Nigel allows his delay to carry. He plays almost exclusively in groups of three apart from the hammer on section.

    Also, in the first part it follows the chord pattern, so the first time it plays the F# as the starting note (Over the D chord) second time it’s the E (Over the A chord) then back to the F# (Over the F#m Chord).

    These are great resources, I’ve really enjoyed peering through and picking up things that my ears have missed!

    • Hey man, thanks a lot for watching and critiquing. I need that.

      What’s cool about this video is that it was my first tutorial / video / etc. ever. I actually made this just for my little team of guitarists (some of whom are still learning and stuff.) So I actually simplified and did my own version of all the parts, especially for some of the kids (and older men) who aren’t so delay-concious and parts conscious as most worship guitarists are. One of them eventually suggested to me to make the video public on YouTube so people could see it outside of our Planning Center, so I did and it sort of blew up way more than I thought it would.

      Needless to say, you’re absolutely, 100% right. Most of the parts on this song are pretty off. Hopefully it’s just this one though, because I’ve most definitely tried harder to be more accurate since I’m now making them for you. 🙂

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