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Drums on a Budget


We all have our idea of the dream drum kit. The perfect snare, cymbals, hardware, the works! The reality however, is that a lot of us don’t have the means to have everything we want unless the church where we serve has a big budget or we go in the red financially to have it. Here are some tips, ideas, and ways to do your best to get what you want and/or need for your drums without necessarily breaking the bank.

First things first, how much can you spend?

This needs to be the initial question that needs to be answered before you begin your purchasing and maybe even looking for gear. In the case of making a personal purchase, you need to ask yourself, “what can I spend and still take care of the rest of my responsibilities?”. The last thing you need to happen is buying gear and then not being able to pay your bills or needing to turn around and sell things to make ends meet. Additionally, if you are looking to purchase for your church, be sure to find out what kind of budget you have to work with and if there is a certain amount you have to stay under. This can vary from church to church, and its important to not cause any financial problems within the church body. Once you clear this step, its on to the next part!

Where to buy?

Nowadays everything is so accessible. With the technology we have at our fingertips you can browse, shop and buy right on your phone, tablet or computer. Or, if you have a local music store nearby there is the option to buy in person and get things that way as well. It may come down to convenience to which way you do it. For me, I like the convenience of being able to find exactly what I’m looking for online. In many cases I have found some wonderful prices on gear by going online and purchasing that way. I can say its been the most cost-effective way to get the gear I need. There are some things I would like to buy in person, but the music stores that are close to me may not have what I need in stock. Some of my favorite places to find gear are reverb.com, eBay, Sweetwater and Guitar Center. Between these options, you can probably find what you need with no problems!

New or Used?

Coming off our last topic, the option of new or used can be addressed when buying drum gear. There are some people who prefer to have everything new and never used when they purchase gear. I believe that this would be everyone’s preference, but its not always the reality. The fact of the matter is that often times buying used is the best way to get great gear at a great price. Take cymbals for example. Cymbals have the potential to be the most expensive part of your drum kit, especially when your buying new. Even when buying used they can add up, but I can confidently say that if you look for them used, you will save more money and still have some great cymbals! One thing I do is if I am looking for some gear to purchase, I will always look and see if i can find the same item in good, used condition. There have been instances where I have found used items for nearly half the price of new. Now I’m not trying to downplay getting “new” gear, because if you can afford it and are able to make it happen thats awesome! I just know that most are on a limited budget when it comes to what they can purchase, and these are the best ways I know to get the best bang for the buck!

In the end, it comes down to the best options for you and/or your church. These are some tips and recommendations that have helped me and the churches I’ve served with. I hope they help you as well!


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