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Beginner Guitar Lesson 2 // Chromatic Scale

Lesson 2 PDF – Chromatic Scale

This scale will serve you for the life of your guitar playing career.  It may seem daunting at first but I promise it will become easier if you apply yourself and follow the guidelines given in the video.  Start with just the top string and don’t add other strings until the first is comfortable.  Be sure not to push too hard or you will throw the notes out of tune.  Make sure to practice with a metronome!

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4 Responses to “Beginner Guitar Lesson 2 // Chromatic Scale”

  1. Hey Ryan, super stocked that u have these awesome and super helpful lessons. I am very very new to playing guitar, so I pretty much have no clue what am getting myself into, however I want to play the guitar, not for me but to worship God, so thank you!
    As am practicing, I did notice that my pinky doesn’t like to keep straight n my tip bends too much n makes it hard to play the key, any tips on how to exercise my hand or fingers, in particular my pinky?

    • Try using your pinky by itself off and on the first fret of the first string to help build up strength. You also want to make sure that your thumb is behind your middle finger, if it’s not your pinky may be bending because you’re stretching your hand too far. Feel free to shoot me an email and maybe we can connect via skype if these tips don’t help.

  2. Great post, Ryan! Passing this on to my guitar players.

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