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In-Ear Safety

As our churches move towards personal monitoring and wireless monitoring solutions, we are getting more familiar with the concept of using in-ear monitors. In-ear monitors are either custom or universal fit “headphones” that are placed directly into the ear canal vs. sitting in the ear like an ear bud might or over the ear like […]


ProPresenter Tips & Tricks

I have been using ProPresenter for several years now, and I am still learning shortcuts, tips and tricks all the time (and if I’m hones,t most of them come from my High School techs…). Whether you’ve never heard of ProPresenter, are a novice user or a multi-year veteran, here are some helpful tips and tricks […]


Click Track Basics

So your team is playing to a click track and everything is going great until you get to a slow song. Suddenly the band and the metronome are in two different places. How do we avoid this? Here are 4 tips for keeping your team locked in to that click. Volume The most important thing is to […]