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LEVEL UP! – Good Mentorship

There are instructors, coaches, and mentors.  Instructors teach the student about the tools needed to improve their skill. Coaches guide the skill toward a task or objective. Mentors reinforce the focus and heart behind developing the skill-set. While both instructors and coaches encourage the student to improve their skill, mentors aim higher – with a […]


It’s Not Your Ministry

Another weekend has passed and you are holding on to dear life after numerous challenges. You might be fried and frustrated with your team, pastor, church, or even all of them. You feel the burden of ministry and hear a nagging voice challenge even your place in life. Before you quit, just remember this profound […]


5 Ways to Champion Your Team

An effective leader will fight for their team.  A team who serves with a sense of being inspired, protected and valued will be successful and committed.   Here are 5 ways to champion your team as a leader. SET CLEAR EXPECTATIONS FROM THE BEGINNING This may not sound like a way to be your team’s champion, but if you’ve cast […]