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Drums on a Budget

We all have our idea of the dream drum kit. The perfect snare, cymbals, hardware, the works! The reality however, is that a lot of us don’t have the means to have everything we want unless the church where we serve has a big budget or we go in the red financially to have it. […]


How To Speak: Drums

We all would agree that communication is a very important part of being a worship team. Not just socially communicating, but musically as well. When the MD (Music director) or worship leader says something in regards to drum playing and how it pertains to a song, there needs to be a common language of sorts […]


Tuning a Drum Kit for Modern Worship

One of the things I am frequently asked about when I’m playing a show, doing a clinic, or just filling in at someone’s church is, “How should we tune our drums?” The more churches and drummers that I’m around, the more I realize that very few people feel confident in tuning drums. In most worship […]


Four Tips for Drummers in Worship

Playing drums in a church setting requires a certain mentality. We must always be aware of what’s going on around us, and be in tune Spiritually with God so that we can be effectively led by Him. As a musician on the worship team, you are in fact, a worship leader. It’s not just about playing the drums, it […]