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Parrish // Death Was Buried in It’s Grave


Welcome to the first feature in our “The Writing Room” series.  You can expect more to come!  This is the place where we’ll showcase music from contributors and partners of The Church Collective.  You can read more from this particular contributor by clicking on their profile below this feature.

What’s the theme of your song?
Death was buried in its grave. This song is very simple, it is a telling of the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection and how this was what God used to set us free from the death we deserved.
Tell us about the songwriting process for this song.
It started with the opening acoustic guitar riff, I was just picking that and my wife Rachel started humming that melody line and it sounded eerie and really cool to me and seemed to have a theme built in, it felt like it should take place in the garden when Christ was facing crucifixion. The song just went on from there.
Why would you recommend someone use this song in their church?
Well, it’s definitely a good song if your service is centering on the resurrection! The song is pretty stylized so it may be a stretch for your worship team, but stretching is good!
In what way have you seen God use this song?
It seems to serve as a very contemplative yet triumphant worship moment when we have played it. I think the simplicity of the message and its direct references to scripture serve as powerful reminders that we are alive because death was buried in it’s grave.

For more from Parrish head here!

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  1. That was so great to hear! Such a musical breath of fresh air from the sea of predictable, over processed, delay heavy mush that’s out there.

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