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Boss DD-20


Boss DD-20 Giga Delay Review

Boss DD-20 In-Depth Review: The current market holds a proverbial ton of delay pedals at a wide range of price points. The Boss DD-20 is a tried and true workhorse delay that can satisfy the most demanding gearhead. Complex and versatile, yet easy to use, the Giga Delay holds enough sounds to satisfy the ambient […]


Eventide H9 Harmonizer Review

In-Depth Review I originally purchased the Eventide H9 because I wanted something that could replace having a phaser, chorus, and flanger pedal on my pedalboard. The first unit I received had a faulty footswitch. I was able to return it for a new unit the next day and I have been extremely satisfied with the […]

Kilobyte Delay


Caroline Kilobyte Delay Review

In-Depth Review: You can cover a lot of ground with the Kilobyte Delay. I’ve used it for just about every type of delay that you could think of in a worship setting. I enjoy the way it interacts with other pedals, especially the gain and compression pedals depending on how I have the analog pre-amp […]