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JHS Morning Glory Review


Since its creation in 2009, the Morning Glory has become a staple transparent overdrive in the worship market.  It takes the tone of your guitar and amp that you’ve worked so hard to fine-tune, and adds enough drive to push it to the next level without making it sound like a different setup.

This could be a great overdrive as an “always on” if you’re a rhythm player or a worship leader to add a little color/dirt to your tone.

The Morning Glory is flexible enough to be a powerful overdrive in any rig.  And although the entire range of the pedal is very usable, it’s not incredibly versatile in it’s own self.  The versatility comes when you use it as a stage 1 overdrive or a tool for boosting and coloring your tone, stacked with other gear.

If you’re looking for your first overdrive to start your journey, this may not be your best pick.  If you have a bigger perspective on the entire rig you’re putting together, this is a must-consider.  While its quality (build and sound) is worth the money, it can be difficult to rationalize the cost for a transparent overdrive.


January 2016 – JHS released a new version of the Morning Glory that introduced a high gain switch.  The switch lets you use the traditional MG sound or utilize the same great tone with much more headroom.  This update definitely gives it’s “Features” and “Versatility” ratings a boost from above, but everything else holds true.

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