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JHS Superbolt Review

If you’ve heard the iconic rock and roll tone of Led Zeppelin, the early Brian Setzer, or Switchfoot’s Drew Shirley, then you’ve heard the sound of the iconic 1960’s Supro Company amps.  The Superbolt is JHS Pedal’s take on that killer vintage amp tone and responsiveness, but in the flexibility of a guitar pedal.

This may not work as your only drive, but if you’re looking for something unique with some character, you have to take a listen.  The toggle switch allows you to flip into a lower gain mode that preserves the tone but gives you some more warmth. If you’re set on this pedal but don’t need it for screaming lead lines, this is a helpful feature.

Traditionally, this wouldn’t be a go-to pedal for worship guitar players, but its unique sound has worked its way onto lead-guitar pedalboards in increasing numbers.

While the price is a little high for most musicians, it’s a sound you can’t find in many pedals or amps without hunting down a vintage Supro.  The moment I get to more actively play lead guitar at church, this is one of the first pedals that will go on my personal board.

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