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ChaseBliss Wombtone

The Wombtone by ChaseBliss lives up to the companies creed: Digital Brain, Analog Heart.

This all digital phaser is controlled by a digital brain, meaning that your tone never touches the digital part of the pedal, but you still have tap tempo and presets.

Sound: Let me be clear: this pedal sounds amazing. I’ve never been a “phaser guy” and this thing floored me. It just sounded great, and interacted with all of the other pedals on my rig in a very, very cool way.

Features: As with everything ChaseBliss does, the Wombtone is packed with features. There are controls for everything, and if that wasn’t enough, there are dip switches on the bottom of the pedal that allow you even more control.

Beyond the knobs and switches, the Wombtone has connections for external tap tempo and expression pedals as well as midi control.

Value: ChaseBliss pedals cost so much because there is so much put into them. So value is hard to define. If modulation and phasers in particular are big part of your sound then this thing is the “silver tuna”. If you like to try new things, this thing will be a lot of fun. But while you’re not getting ripped off, I can’t count this as a value pedal either.

How would I use it in church: For musical reference points I would recommend two records: Parachutes by Coldplay and Americana by Starfyler 59, and you’ll find more modern, mainstream reference points. Ambient players will find a lot to love, and if you use a pedal with an FX loop like the Timeline or Alpine then you’ll have a lot to explore.

I believe that this pedal can be used for lead lines, rhythm and ambience. It’s not really for the beginner but more for the player who’s trying to carve out their own sound or flex the creativity that our God, the ultimate creator has given to us.

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