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Caroline Guitar Co Olympia Fuzz

The Olympia Fuzz (the name is nod to the Washington State capitol which in many ways really is the true birth place of grunge… sorry Seattle) in a no-frills, all-tone and no holds barred fuzz pedal.

It’s designed to split the difference between one of my favorite fuzz circuits (the Big Muff) and one of my least favorite fuzz circuits (the Tonebender). Which then forges a sound all it’s own.

Sound: The Olympia sounds really good. It’s a dirty fuzz pedal, but retains clear definition between notes. It’s not a soul crushing fuzz (although a soul might get bruised) but neither is it crisp and clean. I did find that I only found the pedal to be useable after the gain (Lightening symbol) was turned up past 10 o’clock.

Features: This is a no frills pedal. There’s output (speaker symbol) and gain (lightening symbol). That’s it. This is a plug and play pedal.

How would I use it at Church?: I’m not gonna lie. This pedal isn’t the best fuzz for church. But that doesn’t mean it won’t work. Using it for lead/solo work like on the JMM version How He Loves or for sustained chords in a minor key on a Good Friday service (or any service really)

Who should buy this pedal?: Honestly, if you have a band outside of church then you might find a use for this pedal, or if you find a screaming deal used. Otherwise, I think other fuzz pedals, including Caroline Guitar’s excellent flagship fuzz the Wave Cannon will find more of a home on a church player’s rig.

This does not mean that I disliked the Olympia at all. Only that it’s limited use in a church setting might mean another fuzz is a better fit.

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