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Loading, sorting, and sharing prests for Strymon BigSky requires Strymon Librarian Software. You can download the software and find step-by-step usage instructions on Strymon’s website.

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If you’ve created or edited presets that you would like to share, please send them to us! Include the preset files (.syx) and a brief description of the preset.

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Backing PadJacob DrevlowBacking Pad - Useful for a band with 1 guitar and no synth. Mix to taste.
BLOOM_EP.big_sky.syxAustin DanielBloom setting with the mix and decay set to an expression pedal.
BLUSKY.big_sky.syxCody AdamsThis was the setting I used on the BlueSky for so long. Room reverb, Heavy mod, High decay. Great for slow stuff thats more involved than swells.
BRAVE.big_sky.syxBen BormanInspired by Bethel's "You Make Me Brave". Uses the Plate reverb machine.
FREEDOM.big_sky.syxCarlos De CunhaA patch for the song "In Your Freedom" by Hillsong.
HALL.big_sky.syxCody AdamsThis is a sound that I use to keep my guitar tone Big during fast worship. Kind of hangs to of the way, but keeps things spacey.
HUGENESS.big_sky.syxTerren Williams
LONG.big_sky.syxCody AdamsLong decay, to keep chords long. I use this most for slow jams and alter calls.
ONE_THING.big_sky.syxBen BormanInspired by Bethel's "One Thing Remains". Dark hall reverb with mod.
OUR_GOD.big_sky.syxCarlos De CunhaShimmer mode on the Big Sky, adding a + and - Octave. The pre-delay is turned all the way down. Can be used for "Our God"
PERFECT.big_sky.syxCody AdamsA couple tweaks to the default, its the perfect sound I go-to for alter calls.
RV_5.big_sky.syxAustin DanielEmulation of Boss RV5 Modulate Setting
SHIMMER.big_sky.syxCody AdamsI really am moving away from shimmer patches, but this sounds great. I use it very rarely, but fun to keep in another bank.
SHORT.big_sky.syxCody AdamsShort reverb sound I use for fast worship, that is just nice for keeping things warm.
SLAP.big_sky.syxBen BormanUses Reflections reverb machine. A slapback delay effect great for thickening your sound.
SOFT_BLOOM.big_sky.syxCody Adamsa good use of the bloom verb that won’t get away from you. Softly bloom behind chords and leads as you play slow worship stuff.
SPRING.big_sky.syxCody AdamsSpring reverb I sound for bluesy leads and grooves.
SWELL.big_sky.syxCody AdamsAuto swell that comes in handy when I need it. Simple but beautiful.
THE_XX.big_sky.syxBen BormanInspired by the reverb tone in "Intro" by The XX. Heavy plate reverb.
TIDES.big_sky.syxCody AdamsProbably my favorite sound. A couple tweaks to the factory preset. Not Bethel’s tides, but a great reverb that I use for slow worship and chords. I love this sound.