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Eventide TimeFactor Presets


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Loading, sorting, and sharing prests for Eventide TimeFactor requires Eventide FactorLib Software. You can download the software and find step-by-step usage instructions on Eventide’s website.Download FactorLibIf you’ve created or edited presets that you would like to share, please send them to us! Include the preset files (.syx), Song Name and Artist (for song presets), and a brief description of the preset.Submit Presets
10000 Reasons.syx10,000 ReasonsMatt RedmanNick Hanson
All Becasue of Jesus.syxAll Because of JesusFeeNick Hanson
All Because of Jesus Verse.syxAll Because of JesusFeeNick HansonFor the verse of "All Because of Jesus" by Fee.
Always Will 1.syxAlways WillHillsong LiveBen Borman1/8 Digital Delay. Use for intro/verses.
Always Will 2.syxAlways WillHillsong LiveBen BormanLight muliti tap delay. Use to add texture to driving chorus progression.
Ambient Tape Echo.syxJoshua Thompson For slower song solos... things that need a lot of air between notes. It has a pretty high feedback and mix so it can get muddy if your picking quickly.
BBD.syxJoshua ThompsonGood for putting a wash behind your guitar signal. Based on the old style bucket brigade delays so it doesn't use tap.
Beautiful Exchange.syxBeautiful ExchangeHillsong LiveBen Borman1/4 Tape Echo
Beautiful The Blood Chorus.syxBeautiful the BloodFeeNick HansonFor the chorus of "Beautiful the Blood" by Fee
Beautiful The Blood.syxBeautiful the BloodFeeNick Hanson
Blessed Be Your Name Chorus.syxBlessed Be Your NameMatt RedmanNick HansonFor the chorus of Matt Redman's "Blessed Be Your Name".
Blessed Be Your Name Verse.syxBlessed Be Your NameMatt RedmanNick HansonFor the verse of Matt Redman's "Blessed Be Your Name".
Came To My Rescue.syxCame To My RescueHillsong UnitedBen BormanDotted 8th Mod Delay
Christ Is Enough.syxChrist Is EnoughHillsong LiveBen BormanDotted 8th Mod Delay
Closer.syxCloserBethel MusicCole Henry.8th + 1/4 Vintage Delay. Mild Modulation and mega long trails. Use with heavy reverb and 3rd delay (I use a Carbon Copy and RV5). For Swells Only - This delay is for bands that dont have a sythn player or loops and want that super heavy angelic pad sound for the intro and interludes
Cornerstone.syxCornerstoneHillsong LiveBen Borman1/4 Digital Delay
Deep Cries Out 1.syxDeep Cries OutBethel MusicNick Hanson
Deep Cries Out Solo.syxDeep Cries OutBethel MusicNick Hanson
Flutter.syxJoshua ThompsonA basic 1/8 delay set to the Tape Echo style. It is pretty dark and sounds good for solos
For The Honor.syxFor The HonorElevation WorshipBen BormanDotted 8th Band Delay
Forever Reign 1.syxForever ReignOne Sonic SocietyNick Hanson
Forever Reign Solo.syxForever ReignOne Sonic SocietyNick Hanson
Forever Reign.syxForever ReignHillsong LiveBen Borman 1/4 + Dotted 8th Vintage Delay
Give My Life To You.syxGive My Life To YouElevation WorshipBen Borman 1/4 + Dotted 8th Vintage Delay
Glorious Ruins.syxGlorious RuinsHillsong LiveBen BormanDotted 8th Tape Echo
God I Look To You 1.syxGod I Look To YouBethel MusicNick Hanson
God I Look To You 2.syxGod I Look To YouBethel MusicNick Hanson
God I Look To You.syxGod I Look To YouBethel MusicBen BormanDotted 8th + 1/16 Tape Echo. Use with lots of reverb for a nice drone pad.
God Is Able Chorus.syxGod Is AbleHillsong LiveNick Hanson
God Is Able Intro.syxGod Is AbleHillsong LiveNick Hanson
Great Are You Lord.syxGreat Are You LordAll Sons & DaughtersScott Thompson (2 presets) One ambient delay, with a lighter delay for rhythm.
How He Loves.syxHow He LovesDavid Crowder BandBen Borman1/8 Tape Echo
I Surrender.syxI SurrenderHillsong LiveBen Borman1/4 Vintage Delay
Never Look Back.syxNever Look BackWorth Dying ForBen Borman1/4 Digital Delay. Only about 1 repeat, for the sig riff.
Nothing Is Impossible.syxNothing Is ImpossiblePlanetshakersScott Thompson
Nothing Is Wasted.syxNothing Is WastedElevation WorshipBen Borman1/8 Band Delay
Oceans.syxOceansHillsong UnitedBen BormanDotted 8th Tape Echo medium-long trails. Use with open chord shapes & arpeggiations.
One Thing Remains Solo.syxOne Thing RemainsBethel MusicNick Hanson
One Thing Remains.syxOne Thing RemainsBethel MusicNick Hanson
Our God.syxOur GodChris TomlinBen Borman1/8 Digital Delay
Pluck-Pick.syxJoshua ThompsonDigital Delay with a pretty audible mix level. It has 2 delay patterns ( Dotted 1/8 And 1/8) so it sounds pretty cool for picking out chords. Its got a really clean sounding delay - Try it with acoustic!
Praise Him.syxPraise HimHillsong Live / Royal RoyalBen BormanDotted 8th Digital Delay
Rise & Sing Chorus.syxRise & SingFeeNick Hanson
Rise & Sing Intro.syxRise & SingFeeNick Hanson
Scandal.syxScandal of GraceHillsong UnitedBen Borman1/4 + Dotted 8th Vintage Delay. 126 BPM. Use throughout the whole song, add in saturated reverb for chorus guitar lines.
Sing Sing Sing – Big.syxSing Sing SingChris TomlinNick Hanson
Sing Sing Sing.syxSing Sing SingChris TomlinNick Hanson
Stronger.syxStrongerHillsong LiveNick Hanson
Time Has Come.syxTime Has ComeHillsong UnitedBen BormanDotted 8th Digital Delay
Today.syxTodayChristian City ChurchBen Borman 1/4 + Dotted 8th Mod Delay
Unchanging God.syxUnchanging GodElevation WorshipBen Borman1/4 Ducked Delay
Wash Up.syxJoshua ThompsonGood for putting a wash behind your guitar signal. Mix set low with higher feedbacks.
When I Speak Your Name.syxWhen I Speak Your NameGateway WorshipCole HenrySimple mild modulated delay for quick medium trailed swells. Use at any point in the song that requires it. (so many people do this song differently)
White Flag.syxWhite FlagChris TomlinBen Borman 1/4 + Dotted 8th Vintage Delay
With Everything.syxWith EverythingHillsong UnitedBen BormanDotted 8th Vintage Delay. Use for texture and fill on the high notes of the intro, works great for arpegiated chords and riffs throughout the song.
With Us.syxWith Us.syxHillsong LiveCole Henry.8th vintage Delay. Heavy mix but a very short trail. Heavy filters for a smooth rounded sound. Primary use is for the lead guitar Verse riffs. The part with rapid finger picking. Can also be used for the intro with the rhythm guitar and chorus/bridge
Wow.syxJoshua ThompsonDual Delay, 1/4 and 1/8
You Revive Me.syxYou Revive MeChistie NocklesScott Thompson(2 presets) One delay that is very ambient and a more laid back delay for rhythm stuff.
You Won’t Relent.syxYou Won't RelentMisty EdwardsCole Henry.8th + 1/4 Vintage Delay. Very Heavy modulation and long trails. Use with heavy modulated reverb and 3rd delay (I use a Carbon Copy and RV5). For Swells Only - This delay is perfect for any song that is in a minor key and the player is wanting to lay down a very thick and texturized pad sound.
Your Grace Is Enough Chorus.syxYour Grace Is EnoughLincoln BrewsterNick Hanson
Your Grace Is Enough Intro.syxYour Grace Is EnoughLincoln BrewsterNick Hanson
Your Love Never Fails Intro.syxYour Love Never FailsJesus CultureNick Hanson
Your Love Never Fails.syxYour Love Never FailsJesus CultureNick Hanson