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Eventide Space Presets


Using PresetsSubmitting Presets
Loading, sorting, and sharing presets for Eventide Space requires Eventide FactorLib Software. You can download the software and find step-by-step usage instructions on Eventide’s website.Download FactorLibIf you’ve created or edited presets that you would like to share, please send them to us! Include the preset files (.syx), Song Name and Artist (for song presets), and a brief description of the preset.Submit Presets
_*+Y-+.syxBrandon DangerfieldDeep ambient reverb
_BROKEN_+.syxBrandon DangerfieldTremolo Variant
_BROKEN.syxBrandon DangerfieldTremolo
_H DRONE.syxBrandon DangerfieldDroning Reverb
_LIGHTMOON_.syxBrandon DangerfieldSupermoon clone, light mix
_LINGER__.syxBrandon DangerfieldRV-5-ish Modulate
_SUPERMOON_.syxBrandon DangerfieldSupermoon clone, mix a little over half way
_WETMOON___.syxBrandon DangerfieldWet Supermoon sound
Alter Call.syxBrandon ChavezThis preset adds depth and rich space to chords
Descent.syxBryan Rodriguezheavy modulation for heavy swells and ambient leads
ET3RNA_.syxBrandon DangerfieldClose to clone of Eterna with more full mix
ET3RNA_LT.syxBrandon DangerfieldClose to clone of Eterna with light mix
Modulate.syxBryan Rodriguezmedium mix modulation for swells and soft picking
Pad Mod.syxBryan Rodriguezdark ambient pad effect underneath your guitar signal
Subtle.syxBryan Rodriguezsubtle room setting. Adds a nice touch to playing