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Episode 97 // Jordan Frye // Urban Rescue



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In this episode I talk with Jordan Frye from Urban Rescue about:

  • The impact of worship on the life of the artist.
  • How an encounter with God can wildly change our lives.
  • The impact of a simple ask from a leader when Jordan was in Jr. High.
  • The value of getting students involved in worship ministry.  Here’s a great article on that.
  • How to grow in our songwriting and leading.
  • Why we need to understand that we won’t be the best songwriters when we start.
  • The need to be plugged in to a local church.
  • What God has been doing through their latest project.
  • How we can stay authentic on the platform from week to week.
  • The role the Holy Spirit plays in our worship leadership.
  • Building a culture of respect in our teams.
  • How to be open to God’s leading for a spontaneous change in the service.



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