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Episode 96 // Darren Mulligan // We Are Messengers


Podcast interview with Darren Mulligan of We Are Messengers.

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The Interview

In this episode I talked with Darren Mulligan from We Are Messengers about:

  • How God changed his life and came to meet him.
  • The influence that secular music had on Darren well before he became a Christian and before We Are Messengers.
  • What God has been doing while they are on the Winter Jam tour.
  • How Darren has observed that many people that come to Winter Jam are not Christians and how We Are Messengers has been impacting people and giving hope.
  • The balance between worship music and radio music.  The unfortunate division of both ad what that means both for the local worship leaders and the artist.
  • Advice for the young worship leader on infusing evangelism in their worship service.
  • The need for honesty in our words and our songwriting.
  • How Darren stays close to God while doing ministry.
  • The danger of having the act of reading our Bible becoming an idol in and of itself.
  • Why we need to recognize that we are all connected with God in our services.  The importance of not letting ourselves feel the pride of being platform leaders.




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