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Episode 91 // Jason Ingram


In this episode I talk with Jason Ingram about:

  • What’s going on with One Sonic Society.  Check out our interview with Stu G here!
  • The balance between songwriting and worship leading.
  • Moving from leading in a local church to writing for the global church.
  • How Jason got involved in worship music.
  • CCM vs church music.  The evolution and balance of both.
  • The need to select music for our church that resonates with our people.
  • His involvement in Journey Church in Franklin.
  • Advice for keeping a healthy relationship with God in the midst of the work of ministry.
  • Advice for starting new in worship ministry.
  • The danger of being a worship leader if we don’t have a right understanding of why we are doing it.
  • Some wisdom given from Paul Baloche about singing psalms and praying songs.  Here’s our episode with Paul.
  • How to grow musically and challenge ourselves.
  • What music Jason is listening to that’s inspiring him.



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