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Episode 87 // Chris Quilala // Jesus Culture


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In this Episode, Adam, Chris, and I talk to Chris Quilala about:

  • Jesus Culture Sacramento.
  • Their latest album “Let it Echo.”
  • The songwriting process and how the songs on this album are being used in their church.
  • Why they decided to have this project come out of their local church rather than their conferences.
  • Staying close to God in the midst of pain.
  • Local church worship ministry vs conferences and concerts.
  • The work involved in building a local worship ministry.
  • How we have to be sensitive to where everyone is in their life when we’re leading them to worship.
  • Their move from their previous church to now be leaders at their church.
  • The importance of finding inspiration to help in our creativity.
  • God’s involvement in our creative process.
  • How we need to set our pride down as worship leaders.
  • How Chris went from being a drummer to a worship leader.
  • The songwriting process for Jesus Culture.
  • The gear he’s currently using.
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