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Episode 86 // Stu G


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This was a fantastic convo!  Here’s what’s we talked about:

  • Their rerelease of “Have You Heard” and how they went about making it fresh.  You can grab it here.
  • What it was like pioneering worship in the early days of Delirious?
  • Encouragement for worship leaders and teams in how to help their church embrace new forms of music.
  • The process of staying inspired as a musician.
  • How our innovation mustn’t be at the expense of connecting others with God.
  • What recording looks like now compared to it’s evolution over the past 20 years.
  • What touring as a guitarist looks like for him.
  • What his guitar rig looks like.
  • The story behind his custom pedal “The Kilt.”
  • Advice for guitarists!
  • The key to longevity as a worship leader/musician.
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