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Episode 85 // James Mead // Kutless


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In this Episode Adam Dolhanyk, Chris Bellamy and myself talk with James Mead from Kutless about:

    • The process of writing this new album and the shift toward Kutless as a rock band.
    • How Kutless got started.
    • The balance of working with a team of musicians and writers.
    • The need to be adaptable with the musicians and leaders you play with.
    • The importance of humility in our teams.
    • Their new guitar player Nathan Parrish.  (Hey!  He’s a contributor, check out his stuff here)
    • How to cover guitar parts when you don’t have enough players.
    • Some of their shows in Ukraine and why James will often say they were some of the best shows ever.
    • The missionary heart of Kutless.
    • A secret project!
    • The guitar rig James uses.  His Elliot Guitar called a tonemaster.  His Greer amp lightspeed.   His Tyler Amp.



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