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Episode 82 // Austin Stone Worship // Aaron Ivey

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In this episode I talk with Aaron Ivey from Austin Stone Worship about:

  • How songwriting began at their church.
  • How Aaron got involved in music and songwriting.
  • Why worship music tends to be best birthed from a local worship context.
  • How to foster an environment for songwriting.
  • How to go about having a songwriting retreat.
  • Why it’s ok to write on a theme that has already been written about.
  • How to go about having healthy co-writing.
  • Why we should try to write every day.
  • Why we need to invite feedback into our songwriting.
  • The reasons for original music from every church.
  • How to go about coordinating with your senior pastor as you create music in your church.
  • Why the worship service should be worked around the sermon.
  • The importance of faithfulness in our ministries.

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