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Episode 80 // John Mark McMillan


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In this episode myself, Chris Bellamy, and Bryan Lopez got to talk with John Mark McMillan about:

  • What’s going on in his life now.
  • His latest live recording.
  • His songwriting process, how he combines beautiful lyrics with strong theology.
  • How we need to be open to what God’s doing with our own songwriting process.
  • The philosophy behind his songwriting.
  • How God comes out of his music through having more God in his life rather than writing songs explicitly about God.
  • How the art of songwriting is very much a habit and a practice.
  • What inspires him in his songwriting.
  • The balance between family life and touring.
  • The artists and musicians that he feels most influenced by.
  • The songs he’s written that have been most influential for him.
  • His sense of where worship and christian music is going.
  • How his concerts involve pointing people to God but aren’t necessarily considered a worship event.
  • The concept of worship not being just a time for singalongs.
  • The guitars he’s been using lately.
  • The double microphone seen in many of his recordings.
  • The advent of the Rototom.
  • How the live recording night went and what God did in it.
  • Setting yourself up for a career in songwriting and discipling others.


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